Saturday, July 31, 2010

Probably A Dumb Question...

Here is a little thing I don't quite understand. The Government Motors Volt will, it is alleged, run on electricity. Now this $41,000.00 car will not make electricity, it has a big battery that needs to be charged. So, instead of pulling up to a gas station it has to be plugged in and charged, right?

Please pardon me for bein' a pore dumb redneck but isn't half the country going through near crisis problems with not enough electricity being generated? Wasn't that a big part of why the last Gov. of California being recalled and poor old Ah-nold being elected?

So, I reckon I'm not quite smart enough for this. You buy a car with the passenger room and performance of a cheap compact, for a luxury/performance car price. Then you won't be able to take a vacation in it, any motel would throw you out if you hooked it up, plus it doesn't have the range to be able to go very far out on the freeways, anyhow.

Seeing as how we taxpayers are on the hook for this thing, shouldn't somebody have thought of this, already?

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