Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Breitbart, And Sherrod. Jourolist And The Daily Caller

Andrew Breitbart unloaded another video, this one of someone named Sherrod telling an NAA(L)CP convention how she sent a white farmer to a white lawyer, thinking that he should go to one of his own, this instead of giving him all the help her job with the Ag Dept had available. Not a peep of disapproval from the NAA(L)CP. Sherrod was forced to resign over this.

Now it seems that she later became friends with this farmer and somehow it all ended up okay. Fine, that's not the real story. The real story is how the NAA(L)CP had not one word against the obvious racism shown in the beginning of that story.

I do not know that Sherrod should actually have been forced to resign. I'm of the opinion that about sixty percent of non military government employees should be forced to resign but, that''s just me. It is interesting that the NAA(L)CP and the Democrats in power threw Sherrod over the side, without thinking about it. This, of course, is natural for Democrats. Think of what would have happened to Lewinsky if she hadn't have kept that souvenir blue dress. Or, think of Mary Jo Kopechne. Of all the lefties in the country, how could the left elevate Ted Kennedy to the post of Conscience of the Senate? Answer: The left does not care about hurting individual women. Instead they care about women as a group. If some are used, others killed, that's okay because it's all about groups. Too bad the groups are made of individuals but, as one famous leftist put it, you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs.

You know what would be nice? If the rank and file members of these various groups would finally figure out that the left is all about power of the "leaders".

Meanwhile, Breitbart gets to save his hundred thousand for something else as the Daily Caller has managed to get the Journolist materiel. First shot, some bigwig journalist named Ackerman coming up with the idea to just dump the raaaaacist charge on just anyone on the right. Think this is something new? Try back in the 2000 election when they wanted to charge poor George W. Bush with the same thing because he thought, and rightly so, that the three peckerwoods who killed James Byrd so horribly were charged, and convicted of murder. Funny, two death penalties and one life without parole and the NAA(L)CP thought that wasn't enough. Meanwhile, what, persactly, is the NAA(L)CP doing to help the black people in, say, Chicago who are afraid to go outside their homes (and not much safer inside) because of the mostly black criminals in their own neighborhoods. What does the NAA(L)CP do about that? Why they do everything they can to prevent locking up bad guys.

I'm pretty sure this is just the beginning, too. Pop some popcorn, the show is about to get fun. The left is going to cry about that awful internet, just as loudly as they cry about talk radio and Fox News. Which we see they also tried to torpedo. I have not had time to digest this newest information.

Funny, when I was a kid most towns had a liberal newspaper and a conservative newspaper. Still, most reporters got into the game because they were bright kids with a way with words and a healthy dose of curiosity.

This has changed. Today, from the looks of the messages on Journolist, they aren't real bright. They don't have much curiosity and they have no intention of telling us what is going on. Journalism today seems to be the way upper middle class families put the kids who are too stupid to run the family business out of the house. They all went to the good schools, though so they're better than the people who actually do something.

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