Friday, November 06, 2009

Random Shots At Moving Targets

What I am hoping is that when this Hasan clown comes out of his coma that they begin every period of questioning with Ha Ha, you were brought down by a woman! Given what we know about him, so far, that would be as effective as waterboarding.

I salute Sergeant Munley of the Fort Hood Police Dept. Sergeant Munley did the old fashioned police work. Instead of getting near the scene of the shooting and then hanging around, establishing a chain of command and a communications net, all the things the corporate police administrators like to do while people are dieing, she charged. She ran in and shot the guy doing the shooting. She was shot herself but she still managed to put four rounds into this waterhead. Bravo Zulu! My prayers and hopes are for a full recovery and a long and happy life.

WE have hundreds, if not thousands of Muslims serving in the Armed Forces. The vast majority seem to be doing their jobs.Some have been wounded and killed, still others decorated for exceptional service, even heroism. And regular readers here know that hero is not a word I use lightly. Everyone wearing Uncle's suit is not a hero, just like every cop and fireman is not a hero. I know, I wore the uniform and, given the choice, I am quite timid. Few people in uniform ever need to be heroic, mostly it's just a matter of following the training.

Still, here is the problem. We need those Muslim men and women in the Services. we need the language skills and knowledge of the cultures. We do not, though, need more Ft. Hoods or that clown rolling grenades into tents a la Kuwait, 2003. So, how in God's name do we sort out the loyal American soldiers who happen to be Muslim from the self service Jihadis?

And until we figure out some form of sorting procedure, how about arming at least some of the troops. Perhaps everyone above the rank of E-5 could carry a handgun. I know the military is terrified of negligent discharges but a Sergeant has the power to make men and women risk, sometimes lose their lives. If you give someone that kind of power you ought to be able to trust them with a shootin' iron. If you can't, maybe we ought to just close the Armed Services down and surrender to the Confederate Air Force. Except they changed their name.

And it is more than just the Armed Services. We have Somewhere in the neighborhood of three million Muslims in the USA. I am sure that the vast majority want exactly what you and I want, the ability to make a living, raise our families and be left alone. Thing is, if only one percent of American Muslims decide to become wild eyed Jihadis, that's 30,000. If only five percent decide to become shootists and splodeydopes, that's a hundred and fifty thousand. Now I'm pretty sure that the American people would not put up with even 30,000 jihadis running around here, much less 150,000. Mosques would start burning down, stores run by Arab Americans would be exploding, it would get pretty ugly. And the PC types have have painted us into the corner here. They have so demonized the Japanese internment in WW2 that we certainly cannot simply round 'em up and, after carefully interrogating them, or maybe truth serum, decide "you are cool, you go back to the old country."

So, we can't do that. But look here. The safety of my grandchildren is non negotiable. I would smilingly operate the wood chipper and grind every Muslim in America into liquid fertilizer to prevent so much as a skinned knee on any of my grandchildren. This might be a black mark about getting into Heaven but my grandchildren did not start this fight. Nor did I. I am perfectly willing to help end it, though.

Again, someone figure out a way to separate the sheep from the goats. Again, I am perfectly willing to stipulate that the vast majority of Muslims are good, law abiding citizens. Okay, great. The vast Majority of the Germans in Hamburg in 1943 had nothing to do with the Nazi Party, either. Funny, it sure got hot there, thanks to the 8th Air Force dropping high explosives by day and the RAF dropping firebombs by night. I read that Germans jumped in the canals to escape the fires and that many died when the water got so hot it cooked them. Now the Germans were unusually stubborn and took a lot of convincing before they gave up the fight. I'm not sure it was really lucky for them that the Russians rolled into Berlin before we developed the A Bomb, though. Perhaps European and world history would be somewhat better had we dropped those bombs when the Russkies were a couple hundred miles east of Budapest.

Anyhow, pray for the souls of those killed down in Hood and that He comfort the wounded. Pray that we figure out a way to keep the loyal citizens and eliminate the Jihadis. If we don't it will eventually be a bloodbath.

In other news tomorrow is a sad day in the Poorfarm here. I am taking my target/varmint rifle to the gunshow to try to sell it. I have not had the courage to try to shoot it since my stroke, I just don't trust my kinda numb and jerky right hand on that twelve ounce trigger. And, since I can't shoot it, she might as well go somewhere where she'll be appreciated. I hate this, I had intended to spend my retirement really studying precision shooting.

So, last chance to buy a Savage Model 12, with a stainless Douglas XX air gauged barrel, twist one turn in twelve inches, chambered in .223 Remington. This rifle has a target/varmint stock and a Burris Signature 8x32 power scope. The barrel was put on and the action truing work done by Fred Moreo, the Savage magician up at Sharp Shooter Supply in Ohio.

This rifle would, on a day when I had it together and the wind wasn't causing anvils to blow past, put five shots into a quarter inch group. Now that is not enough to win a real benchrest match but it's certainly good enough for varmints 'way out past Fort Mudge.

But wait! There is more! There is also the original barrel and stock, the barrel because one might want to shoot some of those long, heavy bullets and so would need the tighter one in nine twist, the lighter stock for if one would like to use this as a walking varmint rifle, a Savage barrel wrench for changing barrels, all the reloading dies and two boxes of one thousand each small rifle Benchrest primers, one thousand Federal, one thousand Remington. Don't even ask how much those primers are these days, plain vanilla primers are up to fifty bucks a thousand. The benchrest primers? Last seen around 2007 or so. Oh, and five hundred Sierra Matchking 53 grain flatbase hollowpoints and a slew of home moly coated fifty five grain bullets. Oh, yeah, and the original trigger.

Anyhow, I'm going to miss the old girl but if I can't shoot it, it might as well go somewhere where she can be shot. Maybe someplace in ground squirrel or prairie dog country. Maybe I'll be able to buy a couple seasons worth of cowboy action shooting with it.

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