Monday, November 16, 2009

New York City Takes Another Hit.

Obama, or should I say O-Bow-Ma after his idiocy in Tokyo, and Holder must hate New York almost as much as they hate George W. Bush. Seems they are bringing Kahlid Sheik Mohammad to NYC for a civilian trial.

Not only does this lay out NYC as a bigger target than ever, plus tying up the area for miles around the courthouse for months, it shows the entire world how small the collective (and collectivist) brains of the entire Administration are.

First of all, what is the point? There is no way on earth the American people will ever allow KSM to be cut loose. If those two peabrains Obama and Holder tried to cut him loose after a hung jury more than the jury would be hanged and I don't care how many bodyguards they have.

So, if KSM can never walk, what is the point of a civilian trial? Can it be to put the Bush Administration, the CIA and the United States Military on trial? Can it be to force the country to admit, in open court, her methods of gaining information? Can it be to bring out the identities of all the men and women involved in questioning these creeps?

Y'all are going to have to pardon me for bein' a pore dumb redneck but it looks to me as if this is a game to Obama and company. The far left of their base hate the intelligence services and the parts of the military that work closely with them, the Special Forces, the SEAL Teams, the Air Commandos and the Marine Force Recon guys. The far left would love to have the names and pictures of all those guys spread all over the front page of the New York Times. I do not believe that the far left and, for that matter, Holder and Obama have thought this through, though.

I believe that Holder and Obama think that they will damage Republicans in this trial, maybe figure out a way to inict Bush and Cheney. This will make their master soros happy. Trouble is this trial will endanger a whole slew of people, starting with everyone anywhere near NYC, Washington, DC and probably every other city.

More than the danger to ordinary Americans, which I seriously doubt that Obama and Holder care about, there is the danger to themselves that I do not believe they are bright enough to see. What exactly do these two bozos think will happen when the identity of a crew of trained killers is spread all over the New York Times and MSNBC? What do they think will happen when a car bomb goes off outside the home of a Sneaky Pete Soldier and it kills his family? I mean half or more of the SF Troops have been sheep dipped to the various intel community outfits, very few of those have many people who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty so it's one of the boys with a Budweiser on his chest or a Girl Scout Hat* that gets the honors.

I just do not believe that Holder and Obama are smart enough to understand what happens when one threatens the safety to the families of the men and women they seem to hate so much.

* Have the Armed Services become so corporate that we can no longer destroy the furnishings of an Enlisted Men's Club by trying to buy some cookies by hollering "Yoo-hoo! Little Girl! I'd like three boxes of Thin Mints and two of Shortbreads to a tablefull of Green Beanies?"

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