Monday, November 02, 2009

Can We Make It Two Thousand Pages?

So Pelosi and company have put out their 1990 page "health care" bill. Can Pelosi, Reid and Biden combined win a thinking contest with a rutabaga? It does not seem so.

Any dispassionate observer can look this bill over and see that it has nothing to do with "making healthcare affordable" This bill is, instead, all about power. This bunch simply thinks that Americans will fall into line and do what we're told when some unelected board of pencil necked geeks and ugly women in comfortable shoes can say "no, you voted wrong and now your grandson will not be treated for his expensive to treat condition".

Who will staff these boards after the first half dozen or so have been messily killed? It seems that this crowd of meatheads have lost touch with who lives in America. Here is the first clue, Nancy. We are the ones that didn't stay in Europe where we were all but slaves to an inept nobility.

We got here and found the folks that wouldn't, for whatever reason, stay in Siberia. It was a pretty good tussle for a couple-three hundred years but we finally ended up with the most fertile swath of the whole North American continent. It wasn't easy, there are untold thousands of unmarked graves spread all over this country. Why the Oregon Trail alone has an average of one grave every eighty yards from Independence MO to the Willamette Valley. And that was only one trail.

Nor are those of us who emigrated from Europe to come here unique. We have our Mexican Americans, most of whom cut ties with the old country, just the way we "Anglos" did. Although many, perhaps most, have kept in touch with their relatives better than most of us did still, they made a pretty big jump.

The Chinese, Japanese and Korean Americans took an even bigger leap, not to mention those who came from the Vietnamese Boat People.

Do those chowderhead Democrats, and their accomplices in the Washington Republicans really think the grandchildren of those who settled the west will put up with this nonsense?

Speaking of Washington Republicans, have you peabrained idiots learned anything? This Skuzzy person in NY-23 endorsed the Democrat after the conservatives in the District revolted and supported Hoffman. You Washington Republicans must have brains the size of walnuts. Y'all supported Ol' Arlen, to the tune of how many millions? You supported ol' Jumpin' Jim to the tune of how many millions? You supported this Skuzzy woman to the tune of most of a million, in a rural district, no less. And yet you keep crying that we must reach out to the moderates! And you wonder why your grassroots donations are drying up. Maybe you should stop sending boxcar loads of money to Democrats with an "R" behind their names, it ain't like they do any good and you can't even depend on them in things like votes for Speaker.

Just how many more elections to you clowns have to lose before you learn that Democrat-lite is not a winning strategy? Normally I wouldn't care but the clowns you idiots have allowed to "run" the country are running her off a cliff.

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