Monday, November 23, 2009

Birthdays And A Sick Dog

Let's see, a little catch up, Saturday was Bingo's birthday, he turned two. He didn't get a doggie birthday party for Ming the Merciless was somewhat sick with the hershey squirts. Poor girl. She just hates it if she can't make it outside. The good news is that only once did she do it on the carpet, a couple of times on the linoleum, the rest of the time she made it outside. The troubles seem to be over but we're still limiting her treats, mostly just kibble and water. Naturally, she's been sick during the rain. Now that the weather is nice again, she's fine.

We'll have Bingo's birthday party tomorrow or the next day.

In other birthday news, today is Linda Lou's mumble-mumble, cough birthday. I got up earlier than I normally do and fixed her raspberry muffins for breakfast. That was about the extent of our celebrating Linda Lou getting to the age of mumble mumble, cough.It was a while back but I accidentally brought home some blueberry and raspberry muffin mix. Somehow it became my job to make those muffins. We had them way to often for too long and we got as big as a house over them. Now we only eat them on special days as Linda Lou's Doc, and my Doc, are both pushing us to lose some weight. Ahh, Docs we have never seen or heard of want us to lose weight. It's an effing religion with Docs.

Everyone knows about those "scientists" and the leaked or hacked computer stuff. This is just icing on the cake. We knew this glow bull worming crap was a fake just by the way Algore bought a boat with the carbon footprint of Cambodia. What's that the Puppyblender always says? "I'll believe it's a crisis when the people saying it's a crisis start acting like it's a crisis." Close to that, anyhow. Climate changes. Climate has always changed. Those glaciers in Wisconsin, seem to be gone. Few would say that's a bad thing, after all, there is Harvey's lovely wife. And Harvey, too, if you ever feel the need for help with your blog, or a dirty joke.

And nobody explains how humanity survived the awful warming trend where they had vineyards in Greenland that then became covered in glaciers which are now receding again. Seems to me that humanity not only survived but they made wine and ate grapes.

Actually, the problem isn't those "scientists". It's not even the politicians that used this "science" for political gain, nor is the problem those who sought to get rich over this "science". The problem is us. Ordinary people who forgot that these vermin are always with us and how we stopped coating them with hot tar and feathers and riding them all out of town on a rail. The mistake was ours. The first time those idiots said that the same process that has been going on for as long as there was an Earth is now an emergency and we didn't give him a good beating and send him on his way, bleeding and limping.

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