Saturday, October 03, 2009

Fools On The Throttle.

The American train is in deep trouble. Seems the Yankees have burned the trestle up ahead and Obambi has the throttle jammed hard against the stop while Michelle is using those burnished arms to shovel in more and more coal. Meanwhile all the fools in this Administration are sitting in the club cars, thinking they're doing something right as the nation sheds jobs and wealth at an ever increasing pace.

I was going to take the weekend off. Read, watch a couple of NASCAR races, maybe take a few pictures of my varmint/target rifle that I'm afraid to try to shoot anymore, now that my right hand is growing in it's numbness. I have to decide what to do with that thing.

Instead, though, here I am, writing about this collection of waterhead looking mofos who cannot seem to get their heads around the fact that there are people out there that want them dead!People who will soon gain nuclear weapons. Not just the Norks, not just that clown Imadinnerjacket in Tehran, if Obama and company don't start paying attention they'll have Pakistan's nukes as well.

Meanwhile this clown goes to Copenhagen and makes a fool out of his whole administration, then has a whopping twenty-five minutes to meet with General MacChrystal, on the tarmac. Okay, so Air Force One is one heck of an aircraft, it's still not a complete meeting room where MacC can have his staff lay out a complete plan.

Bear in mind that I'm just a one hitch, low ranked veteran living in the country but I see some heavy duty nuclear warfare coming up that will be all the fault of our inaction.

Scenario number One: Obama sits on his thumb, wiggling it at times just for the sensation and Iran gets a couple of bombs which they promptly fire at Israel. Israel retaliates, if only with the cruise missiles on her submarines. Remember, Israel's motto, Never again. Remember the rest of that motto, if again, not us alone.If Israel goes her last act will be to make sure that the surviving world knows that it is no longer safe to kill Jews. Tehran, Tabriz and Qom gone, Riyadh and Damascus gone, perhaps as far as Jakarta, all radioactive ruins. Every major Muslim city within range of Israels nukes, gone. Will they go for other gentile cities? Berlin and Paris, Moscow? Cities belonging to those who could have stopped the mad Mullahs? Perhaps even Washington? I do not know. Does Axlerod?

Scenario Two: Obama and his crowd decide the support of the left wing of the Democrats is too important and pulls out of Afghanistan. Or Scenario Two B, keeps a few troops over there getting killed and accomplishing very little. Anyhow, the wild eyed crazies take over all of Pakistan's nukes. India fires some of it's own missiles in an attempt to neutralize Pakistans but only gets ninety percent. There goes Bombay or, what do they call it now, Mumbles? So, India shoots off a bunch more, there goes Islamabad and Karachi, etc. then of course, China will feel the need to get involved and fires off some of it's big ol' roman candles , which, thanks to Bill Clinton's crooks in office, they can now aim accurately.

So, India, as it dies, fires off the rest of hers at China. So, there goes our tech support phone lines and our cheap toys and stuff.

Scenario Three: The wild eyed crazies don't completely take over Pakistan, just enough of it to gain a bout a dozen nukes and puts them in containers on board ships heading toward various ports, oh, how about Los Angles, , Baltimore, Houston, Hamburg, San Francisco, Naples, Portland, Seattle or Tacoma, wherever that big port is up there, New York, and on until they run out of nukes.

Scenario Four. The Norks do something stupid. Nah, not the Norks, they'd never do anything stupid, would they?

Meanwhile, the entire world just watched this big eared grinning idiot go to Copenhagen and read from his pair of teleprompters, shifting from one to the other with metronomic precision, a speech full of "I" and "me". Then they watched him get shot down in the first round. Every Thugocracy on the planet has taken notice. Every cheap bully and thug in the world is making plans now.

This is what we have. Thanks, fifty-two percenters. I hope you like it. I won't.

PS. Anyone in the media noticing how long it's taking to fix American Samoa after the Tsunami? Is Sean Penn down there in a leaky boat yet?

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