Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Boots coming!

Something strange happened, Linda Lou finally let me spend a little money. It seems like I ought to declare three days feasting and celebration. So, anyhow I ordered a pair of Tony Lama boots from The Fort up there in Army Wife. Toddler Mom territory. Black Cherry is the color, and, oddly enough, this boot is discontinued and, even more odd, my boot size, which is very common, was still available. So I am getting some hundred and forty buck boots for ninety plus shipping.

Being old fashioned I also ordered some boot polish at the same time. Something I just flat do not understand is how all these folks buy expensive shoes and boots and don't bother to polish them. I mean I can polish every shoe and boot I own, and most of Linda Lou's while watching one old movie on the teevee. Two movies and the neighbor's shoes start to glisten! And yet it's hard to find a polished shoe until you get into the executive suites.

But wait! There's more! Before I turned my attention to Newbrasky City, Newbrasky, I had some business in tend to in Columbia MO. This fairly small city is known for several things, Before anyone ever heard of Carl Edwards of NASCAR there was Larry Potterfield. The Potterfields have a nice little business selling all kinds of gun related stuff, reloading supplies, gun parts, ammunition, cleaning gear, etcetera. This started off as a mail order business, now the lions share is done online with a little bit by phone. I suspect they are amazed now if they get an order by mail. Anyhow, if you need anything gun related, Midway USA probably has it.

Somehow my powder through expander die for reloading .38 and .357 ammo bit the dust, I'm not persactly sure why. So I ordered a new one of those, a new cleaning jag for my double barreled shotgun, an extra magazine for my .22 rifle and last but not least, a box of three hundred Hornady lead hollowpoint .38 bullets. I have about three bazillion hard cast bullets that might expand if I shot a bank vault with them. And I have plenty of jacketed hollowpoints, but, no soft lead HPs. Well, I will. And soon, my order has already been sent out.

I don't know excisely why Missou is such a place for mail order gun stuff businesses. In addition to Midway in Columbia, there is Graf and Sons in Mexico, MO. Between the two of them they have most of the mail order business sewn up. Of course for the precision shooters there is always Sinclair. They're someplace else, Indiana, someplace. Are the liberal nutcases going to make those folks change the name of the State to Native Americana?

Well, that's my exciting day, how about you?

Update: in the last money I will be allowed to spend until 2014 I ordered this belt. This is also Tony Lama, nicely hand stamped floral. The frightening thing is that in 1970 I still wore blue jeans with a 28 inch waist. They say that I should order a belt size two inches over my trouser size, so I ordered a size forty-two belt. Sigh. I blame Rhee Drummond. Oooh! She is going to be in Dallas on December first at the Borders on Preston Road at seven PM, signing her cookbook. Think I'll go up there and see if she'll take me for a pet. I'm housebroke! More Update: I just bemembered I finally know how to link stuff, Here are those boots. I hope I don't have to show boot polish, though.

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