Monday, October 05, 2009


So, it seems we lost eight dead soldiers plus a couple of Afghans and they aren't telling how many wounded in sieges of some outposts around someplace called Kamdeysh in Afghanistan. I don't know anything about persactly where that is, someplace close to Pakistan according to Michelle Malkin.

Here is what I don't understand. I know war is a risky thing, I know we lose entirely too many young men, and now women, in wars. That's why we ought to go into them carefully and, once in, take them seriously. It sure doesn't look like anyone is taking this one very seriously.

I admit, I don't know what those outposts were supposed to be doing. I do know, from the scanty information provided in the Washington Post that Michelle is quoting, the bad guys got up on the mountain slopes above those outposts and fired down at them.

Um, okay, again, I only served one hitch as an enlisted man. I never went to a fine military college but still, what in the ever loving blue eyed world are we doing allowing the bad guys to get the high ground and fire down at our troops?

Who is running that area? Who thinks it's a good idea to let the bad guys fire from above the walls of the outposts? It doesn't do a whole lot of good to pile sandbags and get behind those thick mud walls if the bad guys can fire right down into you with rockets and rifles.

Seems that we're planning to leave that outpost but lack the heavy lift helicopters to do so, plus the Afghan government doesn't want us to. Wonderful.Why don't we have the whirlybirds? Do we not have about twelve bazillion UAW workers out of work? Just how difficult would it be to re-train those guys to build helos? Did we not, with less than half the population we have now, make enough aircraft to fill the skies over Germany and Japan?

We had something like 13 million people in uniform then, too. Okay, I don't think we really need an eight million man army, with a Navy and Marine Corps to match. We probably do not need to build the equivalent of 18,000 B-24s and 12,000+ B17s in helos, either. But, with unemployment the way it is we should have no trouble at all recruiting another couple of divisions of soldiers and another few regiments of Marines. Just don't put them on low ground with the bad guys gaily flitting around the mountains around them with rockets.

And find out who decided to put that outpost on the low ground. Take him out back and shoot him.

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