Saturday, October 10, 2009

A New Flag Over Kamdeysh

So I was trying to figure out what was up with the Nobel Peace Prize crowd when I saw that they had decided to give the prize to Obama, who has done, exactly, what? His biggest feat so far seems to be that he helped Michelle dig that vegetable garden, only to discover that the lead level in the soil is to high to actually eat the veggies.

Then I discovered the reason. It is not because he's stopped any fighting, anywhere in the world, he hasn't. It's not because he stopped any genocide anywhere, everywhere there was killing on January 19, 2009 there was killing on January 22, 2009.

If the Nobel crowd wanted to get into the internal politics of the USA (perish the thought!) it's not because he managed to ram through a federal takeover of health care, nope, hasn't done that.

He hasn't turned around the world or national economy, so what HAS he done? Aside from not being George W. Bush, I mean. And if they're giving the Nobel Peace Prize for not being George W. Bush, well I've not been George W. Bush for about sixteen or so years longer than Obama has, where's my prize? Heck, Cynthia Yockey's Daddy is in his nineties, he should get two or three prizes!

No, it had to be more than just not being George W. Bush, the world is crammed to the gunnels of men and women who are not now, nor have they ever been George W. Bush. Many of those people have done more for world peace than Obambi has, too. Obama hasn't even managed to get Google to get rid of the red mis-spelled word underline under his name!

Then I saw it, the headline saying that the Taliban's white flag is now flying over Kamdeysh. The only thing this clown has done since hitting the national stage, managed to hand the Taliban a victory, we pulled out after losing some eight troops killed and an unknown (to me anyway) number of wounded, while killing well over a hundred bad guys. Usually, killing a boxcar load of bad guys while losing eight is considered a victory.

Not in this war, er, overseas contingency operation, though. Once we pulled out the bad guys took over. It wouldn't matter if they'd lost ten thousand and we'd had one troopie get a hangnail, they have the town. In the language of Afghanistan and Pakistan, they won.

It does not matter what I think, the Taliban and AlQueda aren't trying to recruit me. It matters what the illiterate Afghani and Pakistani think. And what the Muslims all over the world think.

And it seems that it matters to that Nobel crowd. Hey! Obama lost a battle. let's give him the prize! Maybe he'll lose the war! I don't quite know what these fools think will happen once we lose in AfPak and pull out of Iraq and the bad guys take over Pakistan's nukes, Iran gets it's nukes up and running and Europe become Muslim. Eh, maybe they'll like it.

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