Thursday, August 07, 2008

More Scattershooting.

So, I'm looking through the news and I see where Uh-uh-Uhbama is going to create five million "green" jobs. I reckon he is planning on losing the election then because politicians do not create jobs. Businessmen create jobs and Uhbama wouldn't know a businessman if one bit him on the backside.

I went and had my next follow-up visit with my Ortho Doc today. He claims I am slightly ahead of schedule on my recovery and that I should be shooting within four to six weeks. Good, I'm bored. It isn't just the shoot, one or two days a month although that is something. In addition to the seeing my Pards, there is also the several hours messing with the shootin' irons and the more hours loading the black powder cartridges. Linda Lou will be glad to see me busy.

Speaking of shooting, the Cowboy Action Shooting game lost a champion the other day. China Camp has died. In the world where everyone isn't wearing boots and sixguns he was known as Dennis Ming. A great shot and, more importantly, a genuine nice guy. I only knew him through the CAS websites although he was one of the guys I would have loved to meet in person. My condolences to his family.

I was shopping last payday and was looking in the Brit section of a supermarket at their types of tea, etc. I decided to try a jar of Marmite, I have read of it all my life but had never tried it. The stuff is odd, I do not know how to describe the taste but I kind of like it. It is yeast extract, whatever that is, it's served on buttered toast. I understand there are other things to be done with the stuff, I'm not sure I have that much courage. Next payday I'm going to try something else, either Ty-Phoo tea or maybe some Bovril, whatever that is. Please do not ask why, I am not British-extraction that I know of.

I made a batch of Hummus from Steve H's recipe over at Hog On Ice. I read his recipes and just wish... My Docs beat me with shoes just for reading the recipes. Since I'm well over two hundred pounds now I need to do something and Hummus is supposed to be healthy. The trouble is, we don't have a blender. So I mashed two cans of chickpeas with a fork and then mixed all the other ingredients in with a spoon. It was a pain but the stuff is tasty. Someday I'll get a blender.

No new dog pictures this week. No new grandchildren pics, either.

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