Friday, August 29, 2008

This Election Might Just Be Fun, After All

It is no secret that I haven't been real revved up about this election. I won't vote the Donk ticket for a full up Brinks Truck. Nor does it help them that the only reason I won't vote for that ticket is my racism. Um, that isn't it and them saying so just angers me. Nor have I not forgotten how the left treats people like Clarence Thomas, Michael Steele and Michelle Malkin. Just who, exactly, told the left that they are the only ones who are allowed to tell folks how to think? Most of us think on our own quite nicely, thank you.

I am also tired of the left constantly saying that I'm stupid just because I don't agree with them. Um, I may not always be the smartest guy in the county but I remember the scores I got on the tests when I enlisted, as a matter of fact they made me take them twice because they thought I might have cheated. So they put me in a room with nobody but an NCO and I took the tests again. Scored two points higher, too. So, stop telling me I'm stupid because I don't agree with you, chances are I'm a bit smarter. Not that how smart I am is a big issue but from what I've seen, you guys aren't real bright. I mean Al Gore? You guys take advice from Al Gore and say that WE are dumb?

I am not real happy with the way you guys are trying to bully folks like that radio guy, Milt Rosenberg, up in Chicago. You lefties might not understand this but Americans don't like bullies. So,you don't like Stanley Kurtz. Try refuting his points, don't try shutting down the station.

Oh, and whats with this "Accountable America" outfit sending threatening letters to Republican donors? Every election there are Democrats caught breaking election laws and every election Democrats say that the Republicans are stealing the election.

Still, I was thinking about leaving the top spot on my ballot blank. I simply didn't know if I had a clothespin large enough to hold my nose closed while voting for McCain. I just still am not happy that Democrats and independents got to pick my Party's nominee.

Palin is a great choice. The Donks are bleating that she has no executive experience. Her experience as a small town mayor beats both Obama and Biden hollow. Much less Governor. Obama has done what, exactly? What ARE his accomplishments? Well, he got Tony Rezko a bunch of government money. Attaboy, Barry!

Palin is what the Donks want us to think they are. A working class women who did good and didn't forget where she came from.

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