Tuesday, August 19, 2008

An origional thought and a cold cup of water.

Is the American Left capable of an original thought? I am begining to wonder. I realise that they are smarter than everyone else, they keep telling me that, though I see no evidence.

They certainly seem incapable of differing from each other. We see that thy are unable to defend John Edwards except to bleat, in unison, McCain cheated on his first wife about thirty years ago. Well, yeah, he did. McCain, however admits it and takes full responsibility. The Silky Pony? Not so much.

The latest thing to sweep the Left, though, is this drubbing that Uhbama got handed on Saturday night. First it was "McCain was in his comfort zone" in a church! As if his wing of the Republican Party hasn't been trying to kill off the influence of Christians since Reagan.

Now it's McCain cheated!!!!111!!! It doesn't matter that they were both given the first couple of questions before the shindig at the Brokeback Church, McCain was driving in a Limo instead of being in the "cone of silence". First of all, there was no cone, there was a room with no TV. Cone of silence my tired gray as, er foot. Everyone involved say that McCain and company did not listen to Uhbama's answers, I believe them. If McCain HAD listened, then what? He would have said uh a lot. Can't they just say something like "our guy was tired from his vacation" or "he hit his head body surfing" or something. No, it's all McCain cheated!!!11!!!

The Left is saying that McCain is attacking Uhbama's race. When? The Left had better understand that the vast majority of the Right does not care about Uhbama's skin, we disagree with him politically and we suspect he is none too bright, this has nothing to do with skin color. The attacks on Senator Uhbama on race and religion com from the Left, specifically, Camp Hillary.

Speaking of no original thoughts, why does the whole left constantly harp on McCain's class standing at Annapolis? McCain graduated from the Naval Academy before the Left took over college education. Before any sign of affirmative action, too. Yes, McCain probably would not have got into Canoe U without his Daddy and Granddaddy being Admirals. So, has anyone EVER, before or since, been editor of the Harvard Law Review without publishing a single law article? Has anyone managed to stay and Adjunct Professor without publishing? I don't pay a lot of attention to university politics but last I heard it was still "publish or perish". Funny how that works, I hardly SAW professors in class, they were writing or researching, the classes were mostly grad students. I would submit that a class ranking of 894 of 899 in the class of '57 at Canoe U is probably brighter than wherever Uhbama stood in Harvard "90. After all, you don't get to say uh uh uh in the Naval Academy, you must learn to talk.

What evidence is there that Uhbama is smarter than McCain? While I don't agree with much of McCain's record in Congress, at least he HAS one. Uhbama? So, before the Senate, what did Uhbama do? Well, he didn't seem to do much in the State Legislature. Voted present a lot. Oh, I know! He was a community activist in Chicago! What is the Chicago crime rate again? What is the housing like? It seem the only people Uhbama helped in Chicago were named Obama and Rezko.

I could go on but I do think an original thought and a cold cup of water would kill most Leftists. Besides, I have other things to do. All I know is that as soon as one influential lefty posits a position it becomes against the rules to think differently. Lefties still think that Bush stole Florida, no matter how many times we bring up the truth. Even the New York Times finally had to admit that no matter how the votes were counted, Bush won. But still, Bush stole it. Right, that is why Acorn keeps getting caught trying to fudge voter rolls. Because Acorn is a Republican front group. Everybody knows that!

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