Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Summertime Blues, Ming The Merciless turns Eleven

I haven't been posting much, there is only so much to say about physical therapy and y'all see the same news I do. The bad news about the physical therapy is that it takes our disposable income away. Our insurance takes care of the bill, unfortunately it does not cover the gas. Remember when we drove for pleasure trips? This year we couldn't even drive to see the wildflowers.

So, gas prices have started to inch down since Dubya's repeal of the offshore drilling ban. Naturally then, the Democrats voted to go home for the rest of the summer rather than allowing a vote to agree or disagree with the President. I suspect that prices will increase. Thanks, Pelosi. The Democrats know that there is no way that this "new technology" (that has yet to be invented) will replace oil, coal and nuclear for years. They know they are killing the economy, and probably more than a few Americans. How many poor folks are unable to afford air conditioning right now. We live in a small house and last months electric bill was over three hundred dollars. Lucky thing we have one room closed.

If we had an honest news media ordinary people would know who to blame here. Instead the Democrats will blame Republicans and the media will slavishly repeat those accusations. According to the Donks there are warehouses full of new technology that Republicans won't allow. That is the whisper, anyhow. Funny thing is, if the Donks would only allow nukes there would be a big jump toward solving the problem. Plug in hybrids? With nukes, sure. Hydrogen power? With nukes to provide the power to make the hydrogen the other problems are far more solvable. Most, if not all, of these new "miracle energy sources" require more energy to make than they provide. That is fine, really, the real electric cars are a way off, trucks even further off. Seems the trouble is building batteries strong enough and long lasting enough to move a semi-load of goods around. So far every battery that looks like it can be scaled up is poisonous to us or the environment.

Someone will eventually solve this, until then it's not like they can put a big ol' windmill on top of a truck. Meanwhile that insufferable as, um pr, um person, yeah that is close, person proposes this humongous bill without one drop of new energy and then has the gall to say that Republicans are preventing the poor from gertting power and fuel. If we only had an honest media.

In real news, Ming had her eleventh birthday. I baked the usual corn muffins with lots of cheese and bacon. The dogs pugged out. Ming is the classic Pug. She eats and sleeps and lays on the deck barking at the dogs 'cross thew street. When she can't see them she barks at the air. Then she gets worn out and needs a nap.

There are a couple of interesting things about my physical therapy. One of the other people in therapy with me is kind of famous, he has been on several TV shows with his very well trained dog. This feller really looks like a cowboy, perhaps because he is. Ropin' and everything. There is another gentleman, somewhat older than I, recovering from a serious stroke. Very serious, they are having to teach him how to walk again. I am keeping my big mouth shut about how, in my stroke I never lost walking and the physical terrorists are using me as an example for recovering from a stroke. I hope it's helping, the guy is in quite a bit of pain trying to teach those muscles how to work again.

I don't like to think about how frightening a stroke is. I have been in a few scary situations in my day, nothing was as frightening as not being able to control my body. The PT types are welcome to exaggerate my stroke as needed if it helps this other guy work through this.

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