Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cochise' Apache Princess Loves Skidboot

I mentioned a while back that I am in Physical Therapy with a sort of famous guy, David. He gave me a DVD of his dog Skidboot and their tricks. This DVD had mostly scenes from David and Skidboot's appearances on Texas Country Reporter, Letterman, Leno and Oprah, as well as the State Fair of Texas and some smaller and foreign shows.

I was surprised that CAP watched Skidboot and Davis so raptly, she has very little interest in TV or critters on TV. She was fascinated in this, though, I think she is in doggie love with Skidboot. I'm not going to say much about the show except that I've never seen a dog that could learn what he did. Take a look at for a quick sample. Most of us parents can only wish that our kids behave that well.

I never ask for donations but if any readers have a little something extra, David is a self employed rancher/farrier, in other words he shoes horses. Until his physical therapy is complete his income is pert near nil. If I asked for folks to donate money he'd probably hurt both of us, him hurting himself beating me before he is recovered, and me with his cowboy boots. So, if you have a little something, buy his DVD. It's really worth it.

Update: I do not know why I cannot make this contraption let me do the push the word and get the link, just type in into your search engine of choice.

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