Saturday, August 16, 2008

Thinking About Georgia

I have been casually following this invasion of Georgia. My first question is how on earth we got taken by surprise, again. Let's see, we have the CIA, the DIA, Army Intelligence, Navy Intelligence, Air Force Intelligence and yet the Russians moved and prepared two divisions, a bunch of airplanes and a fleet. And we are surprised. Again. Someone tell me again why I pay taxes. We are supposed to have satellites that can tell a women's cup size, they say they can read a license plate. Perhaps the intel pukes could stop looking at cup sizes and notice that TWO DIVISIONS worth of armored vehicles and other rolling stock were prepared and then moved to their jumping off points. Ah well, the Intelligence biz, motto, we bet your life.

I am also sort of curious how long the Russkies can keep all that gear working. Last I looked the Russians could break an iron ball with a rubber mallet. And that is before the Georgians start potting them with some antitank missiles and IEDs. Bear in mind that Georgia's Army probably has some small experience with IEDs, seeing as how they have been serving alongside of us in Iraq.

I also suspect that we can send quite a few ex special ops types, a la Blackwater or one of the other private security firms over there, I'd be surprised if some aren't already there. We probably have a bunch of vets that know a lot about IEDs that bear no love for the Russian Army. With Russia's shrinking population, the raging alcoholism and various other problems, how long can Putin last once the body count goes up?

For that matter, how does Putin plan on supplying that Army once the passes over the Caucasus Mountains get snowed in? Russians can't supply those Divisions by air, again, they aren't that competent. Any bets on how long before the aircraft mechanics show up full of Vodka? How long before the tanks and APCs start breaking from poor maintenance? Again, the average Russian can break an anvil with a feather duster. Why? They don't care. Look at the buildings built after the October Revolution.

And now Putin is talking about nuking Poland. As if. We have a pretty fair amount of people over here with family in Poland, notice all those folks with last names ending in "ski" or "wiscz". I don't care who is President, who controls Congress, America will not allow the Russkies to nuke Poland. Politicians care about being in power, and no American politician could survive allowing the Russians to nuke Poland. Russia's only chance is Democrats preventing us from stopping them.

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