Saturday, December 01, 2007

Foer Throws In The Towel.

So, it seems the editor of The New Republic gives up on the Beauchamp stories. A fourteen page attempt to save his own job and not one hint of an apology to the men and women whose honor was trampled.

I served, starting some forty-three years ago, during the days of the draft, during the days of uniformed drug use. Yet even then we liked children and dogs, even then we honored those who wore battle scars. Yes the guy that caught a large piece of scrap metal 'cross the cheeks of his butt got a lot of noise about that amazing scar but it was in good humor and God help someone who wasn't THERE say anything to him. Including some kid with the sand of Parris Island still in his boots.

I've read Patterico, Malkin and Bob Owens of Confederate Yankee. I am still surprised at the people bouncing up saying that we are the ones attacking a serving soldier. Beauchamp may well have straightened out and is now serving honorably. I hope so. But he certainly was not serving his country or the men and women of the US Armed Forces with those stories.

Honor still means something to those men and women. I hope Beauchamp has learned to hold his, Franklin Foer has not. Here is something I don't understand. The Franklin Foers of the world feel free to gratuitously insult the people they say are stupid and dangerous, the men and women of the United States Armed Forces but won't say a word against the people going around exploding themselves. The liberals like to prove their "courage" by insulting those sworn to defend them while hiding behind those they insult. The Libs call this speaking truth to power. Franklin Foer wouldn't know truth if it bit him on the ass.

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