Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Dear Washington

Hello again, Washington, this is Peter from flyover country. You must not get out here much because I hardly ever hear you talk about anything that has any relationship at all to what is happening out here.

What on earth is this National Intelligence Estimate about Iran? Just exactly what do you mean when you say it is plausible but unlikely that they are working to get nukes? Plausible but unlikely? Looky here, I have grandchildren I would like to see grow up, plausible but unlikely. That means that if millions of Americans die you won't lose your job, right? There is a little something more important than your job.

Washington, have y'all seen the inside of a grocery store lately? Have you seen gas prices? Do you remember how this Gasahol stuff was going to make driving clean and affordable? Funny thing happened, the process of making the ethanol causes far more pollution than gasoline does. Taking all that corn out of the pipeline did more than kludge up the air and making that ethanol took more than all that water. Have you look at what a dozen eggs cost? Have you seen a steak that wasn't paid for by a lobbying firm?

Look we out here in flyover country know that we don't have the campaign contributions that the Agribusiness has and we don't really mind that farmers make a living. We remember, though, that farmers did pretty well feeding the world while the oil companies fuelled it. That worked very well for a lot of years. Now we know that you are used to having things all your way but no matter how many idiot bills you pass the oil companies aren't going to feed us and the farms ain't gonna fill the cars. How about you figure out that the money the agribusiness companies sent you is not going to make up for the votes you won't get. I am just waiting for the people who will rise up and say vote for me and farmers will farm and oil companies will drill. Alcohol will be found in beer and down at the fabled Tequila Mines of Cuervo. Please, get off the Air Force jets and the chauffeur driven cars and get into your own car, fill up the gas tank and go do a little grocery shopping. Do you remember how?

Washington, the minute someone figures out that to win an election all one has to do is run on secure borders, an energy policy that is based on what we have in this world and going to war rarely but once we're in, fighting to win, you are going to be looking for a job.

I can't wait. Love, Peter.

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