Friday, December 07, 2007

Doggie Friday

The dogs have destroyed another piece of furniture, note the duct tape over the hole in the expensive leather recliner.

Eddie had a sweater for the cold, Pugs are not cold weather dogs. The "experts" say that Pugs are inside dogs, I wish they'd told Eddie that, he loves being out with his "little sister", C. A. P. Meanwhile Cochise' Apache Princess doesn't understand why her momma lets Ming and Eddie in the chair with her but won't let the youngest puppy up there. As you can plainly see, C. A. P. is just a little tiny puppy, born to snuggle in the chair with her momma or daddy.

We let Eddie out in the cold with his sweater on, he came in without it. I found it the next day, chewed up and useless. We had to get dogs. We couldn't get a watchgoldfish or a lap snake, no, we had to get dogs.

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