Sunday, December 23, 2007

Eddie T. Dog Endorses Fred

I have been watching to campaign for the Republican nomination for President and have decided to go with Fred Thompson. I agree with everything he's put out. And besides, he's got a Bulldog or Pug face. Not that it matters much, by the time we vote here in Texas the nomination is pretty well decided.

Just who decided that Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina should have all that power, anyway, and can we fire them? Now I have nothing personally against those States but I do resent that their votes should be more important than mine.

The only gripe seen about Thompson seems to be that he is too lazy for winning the job, the same gripe about Ronald Reagan, if I remember correctly, and he did pretty well. I am not sure I believe anything about Thompson being lazy. We get that information from where? That's right, the lamestream media. Every blogger who mentions Thompson's "laziness" has also railed against the disgusting lack of accuracy and evenhandedness of the media. Yet they believe Fred's "laziness" as if it were spoken by a burning bush on a mountaintop. Hmmm.

I don't know about my second choice. I know that if McCain gets the nomination I'm staying home in November.

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