Tuesday, June 05, 2007

We Can't Depend On All Terrorists Being Incompetant

I see that the Left is ridiculing the JFK Airport terror investigation. Well, there is a certain amount of ridicule due, not for the Feebs and local police who busted it but that the would-be terrorists did not understand jet fuel and explosions.

It is my (admittedly limited) understanding that even if this particular bunch of yahoos had gotten themselves a bunch of explosives all they would have done would have been to add to Glow-Ball Warming by putting a bunch of smoke in the air. I wonder had they blown up all of these jet fuel tanks if it would have emitted as much CO2 into the air as Algore and Laurie David do in a year of jetting around?

There is a reason that we don't build those tank farms in the middle of large cities. We also do not put day care centers on top of the tanks.

Still, just because this particular plot would have been an inconvenience instead of a bloodbath had it come off, that doesn't mean it couldn't have morphed into something deadly. That disaffected white loner, the DC sniper wasn't exactly the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. What was that white loner's name again? Oh yeah, Mohammad. Sorry, all those white loners look alike.

I never did get to be an explosives expert, I know how to set up a claymore and to boil coffee by burning a dab of C-4, that's about it. Now I have a certain amount of expertise with smokeless powder, which is not explosive and I am learning about black powder in cowboy cartridges. If I decided to strike terror into America I wouldn't have decided to blow stuff up, I'm not competent to do that. I would probably use a long range rifle.

Well, actually if I wanted to terrorise America I'd go out in public in a Speedo. Nonetheless, has this JFK crowd have wanted to do real damage they would have only needed one competent member to come in and point them in a direction that would have been effective.

I am no terror expert, I made my living differently. I do know that the vast majority of criminals are rather dim. Many, perhaps most, can barely read. Yet half the people in our cities live in terror of homegrown criminals.

So this bunch wasn't competent to do what they wanted. The Leftist websites are saying that the Evil Bush just picked on these poor innocent Muslims just to take every one's mind off, um, something. Oh yeah, Bush cooked it up just to get the Left to quit hating him. Right.

What I am really tired of is that the Left keeps ridiculing us all because we aren't real eager to have our families killed. Somehow the fact that I worry a little about my grandchildren being murdered by Islamothugs makes me a coward.

People wonder why I hate Leftists even more than I do Islamofascists.

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