Thursday, June 28, 2007

Payday And Arrgh!

Payday came at last, after a month of being absolutely broke, to the point of not being able to buy a couple potatoes, that kind of broke.

Linda Lou decided she was going to the little store for some soda, with the loose change we had left.

Since it started pouring rain she drove off the road, instead, blowing a tire. Fortunately she has roadside assistance as part of her cell phone coverage so they came and got the tire changed. Since my pension goes into the bank at midnight and it was almost that she drove the rest of the way into Quinlan and waited. And waited. Then she waited some more. Finally she put $1.80 out of the last $1.85 in the checking account and came home, the bank was having some kind of computer glitch and my check didn't show until morning.

So, in the morning we gathered up and dove to town, there we found that the sidewall was broken...Goodyear light truck tire sidewalls seem to be made of bubble gum and that particular tire had no Road Hazard warranty as it was the one replaced after the LAST time Linda Lou drove off the road for no apparent reason.

No big deal, a used tire will last for a while, we could live with that until she gets her social security. Off to the used tire store, I did a lot of business there, back in the day...the wheel rim was broken, too.

I do not understand why Linda Lou insists on driving in bad weather, she had done things like driven off the road for no apparent reason for years but she just keeps insisting. There was no particular reason she had to go driving, she had enough soda to last until morning...

So, now another month of no decent groceries, no going shooting, no nothin'. Somebody kick the dog for me. Anybody got a rim for an '05 Chrysler Town And Country Van in the backyard? I need to get offline and go someplace where no one can hear me speak for a while, I have some ugly words about to erupt.

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