Monday, June 04, 2007

Tired Of Wet Dogs

It has rained pretty much every day for a month now, it seems, I'm getting tired of it. I am tired of wet dogs and their muddy feet. Not to mention other body parts...

I am tired of it always being too wet to mow, my weeds, er yard is out of control and it's still too wet to mow. Of course Linda Lou doesn't care about that. Oh well, it's friction now that we're too old for makin' whoopee, I should be happy.

With all this rain the water in the lake is almost up to some of the boat houses and fishing docks the lakesiders have built back before Algore messed up the weather with his constant blasts of hot air. Hey, that makes as much sense as our SUVs causing it...When Leif Erikson was on Greenland they had vineyards and now the Glow-Ball Warming ninnies are crying because of the Greenland glaciers melting a little.

Why do we assume that the weather in 1952 or 1971 is what it sould be all the time? The weather changes, maybe Algore and the rest of those idiots should just get used to it. Not far from here I can dig in the desert and find ancient seashells. Oh well, the weather people say that it's going to rain today and maybe tomorrow and then we'll have eight or nine days of dry weather with highs in the nineties. Good, I haven't mowed inside my new back fence since we put it up. The mower will be slingin' some dog poo, soon.

In other news it was eighteen years ago today that the freedom and peace loving Chinese government slaughtered the protesters at Tiananmen Square. But we're all supposed to worry about the gulags of George Bush.

I have finally figured out why control of lobbyists is so difficult to come by in Congress. Congresscritters almost never go back to their districts if defeated, they stay in Washington, mostly as lobbyists.

This is probably why the congresscritters won't listen to anyone about the flood of illegal imigrants coming across our borders. What do you want to bet that the lobbying companies don't hire illegal aliens.

Here is something I don't understand about the comanies that are hiring illegals to drive down wages. Who is going to buy their products? I don't think we can last as a society of upper management and low wage illegals with everyone else doing, um, what?

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