Friday, June 15, 2007

They Must Want To Be Lobbyists.

The Senate is trying to revive that awful immigration "reform" again. They must have decided that since lobbyists make so much more money than Senators they don't care about being reelected. That's fine, I don't care about them being reelected, either.

The thing they can't seem to understand is that we don't particularly care about them as pals. I have no desire to sit around drinking beer with John Cornyn, Kay Baily Hutchinson does not come by the house and help dust the ceiling fans. They are politicians and I will not stand by and let them drive wages down even more while adding to the tax burden.

This bill is a deal breaker. Period. Vote for this bill and I will do everything in my power to help you back into private life. Now maybe I am no longer a Republican Precinct Chairman but I still have family and friends who will listen to me. Even if you won't.

No pretending. Solve the influx, get rid of the criminals and then we can talk about legalisation.

In other news I read about people lamenting the loss of "innocent life" over in Gaza. I am not sure I believe that there is innocent life. It's like rabies has infected that whole pack.

No dog pictures yet, maybe later. I have to go get my blood drawn to make sure I'm getting enough rat poiso, er Coumadin to keep my blood flowing. I just flat don't understand how my blood got too thick anyhow.

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