Saturday, June 16, 2007

How DidThis Happen?

I am not quite sure exactly how Doggie Friday morphed into Doggone Saturday. I suspect laziness has something to do with it.

Somehow the dogs have decided that the big chair is theirs. The two pugs are not a big problem when we want to sit there but Cochise' Apache Princess is getting to be a slight problem.

CAP turned five months old yesterday, we did not have a big party. Perhaps we should have but she is spoiled enough already.

The big deal we are working on is trying to teach her not to jump on people. Not only is she large enough to knock over a loaded cement truck but her claws are like razors. This wouldn't be so bad if we lived in Antarctica and wore twelve layers of heavy clothes just to take a shower, living in Texas during the warm months is not so joyful. Especialy since we have so many warm months.

It is raining again today. The dogs are all in the house. Somebody pooped by the front door, nobody noticed. Then Ming wanted to go out to pee, she hates rain so waits until the last minute, Princess got all excited about maybe having a chance to go out the front door so she lept into the poop and jumped up and down spreading it all over.

I just had to get a puppy. I couldn't wait to get a nice two year old from German Shepherd Rescue, no, I had to get a puppy. Somebody shoot me.

Oh well, the lake is getting almost to full, finally. I have been watching this one boat house, the kind where you raise the boat out of the water on chains... The water is almost to under the boat. There are actually people able to use the boat ramp nearest the turn to our road, at least with the smaller, shallow draft boats. I don't really care all that much about boats, or fishing, but the lake is our source of drinking water. Also where I get the water to wash the dog poop off my feet.

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