Thursday, December 22, 2005

Shootout at Bloody Basin

I took my oldest grandson and a friend of his shooting Tuesday. I am sure there are closer places but we drove out into the hills to a chunk of National Forest called Bloody Basin. I have spotted no one who knows where that name came from but it is a pretty fair spot for shooting.

There are enough hills for safe bullet impact, many points close to the roads. The boys mostly shot .22 rifles, my little Ruger 10/22 and the boy's Mossberg. They did try something a little hairyer, my .45s and two shots each from the 12 gauge. Oddly the friend of my grandson, who weighs a whopping 92 pounds, was the first to jump on the heavier recoiling shootin' irons, while my over six foot grandson held back. Once we get back home I will a have pictures.

In other news, my sister is flying out from the Gold Rush country and will stay a week or so with my niece in Casa Grande. We will be going to Tombstone and, perhaps, a few other places. We are seriously considering a drive up to Sedona. This is a hippy-dippy headquarters but is supposed to be a pretty drive. We are also considering a drive up to Flagstaff to see that white stuff that falls from the sky on our Yankee friends. I am not quite sure what that stuff is called, shoe, or sew or something. Harvey knows what it is.

Anyhow, all is well, I am just a tad busy. I shall be back to what I allege is normal after the first week in January.

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