Monday, December 19, 2005

Interesting Weekend

A very interesting weekend in politics. We had the Senate kill the Patriot Act and the New York Crimes, er Times, inform the world about the Evil Bush spying on Americans. What Americans? Those Americans communicating with known Al Q types.

Now I am no expert on the ways of espionage and counter espionage but what I belive is, or was, going on was when our guys and gals in the security business caught one of the Al Q types they would pass the cell phones and computers over to the NSA. President Bush, or his minions, would okay the NSA monitor those numbers and E-mail addys until the normal procedures of going to the FISA court caught up. It is my understanding that it can take up to SIX MONTHS to get a warrant to spy on communications. That is not real useful when we have a matter of only a matter of hours before the whole AlQ gang know that we have one of their gang in the bag. At that point everyone quits calling those numbers and writing those addys.

Wasn't the New York Crimes one of the media outlets moaning and groaning that the Bush Regime did not connect the dots prior to 9/11/01? One must also wonder about who, among the congresscritters crying tears the size of horse turds about Bush spying on 'Amercans' the last four years or so were among thosed briefed on the program.

I am not surprised that Dubya seemed rather unhappy during his speech last night.

What amazes me about all this is how the Left keeps screeching about how we on the Right have all these secret gulags spread all over. Trouble is, no Leftists ever end up them.

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