Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Fredericksburg, Texas

I spent yesterday up in the Texas hill country, specifically in Fredericksburg. One of Texas's German communities this town was Union during the War of Yankee Aggression, several of the townsmen were hanged over it.

That unpleasantness is long over, Fredericksburg is now a tourist destination. There were two places I wanted to see, the Admiral Nimitz Museum of the War in the Pacific and Texas Jack's. We hit Texas Jack's first, this is a store that is fairly well known among folks in cowboy action shooting. I have done a bit of business with them online and shall do so again. They are also the showroom of Cimarron Arms. I was mainly interested in boots, though. Anyhow, if interested they are http://www.texasjacks.com/

I could have easily spent the entire budget for this trip right there, instead I just bought a stick horse for the two-year old grandson and went about my business. The Nimitz Museum is quite a place, replete with uniforms, medals, guns and stuff and lots of maps.

Bentley the black Pug was the hit of several places, as usual.

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