Thursday, December 01, 2005


Okay, here are some pictures of the new rifle and a bonus picture of George's graduation from beginner's obedience school.

A look at the rifle in the gun cart shows just how much longer it is than the Marlin Carbine or the 20 inch barreled coach gun.

George could not keep his graduation cap on too well, doesn't matter though as he didn't learn much, either, but the socialization part worked.

Anyhow, this is my last post until San Antonio, unless something goes seriously wrong, then it is time to see Arizona. Y'all play nice. If anyone insists of trying a comment party while we are on the road, okay. Just bear in mind that my grandkids see this blog and make the puddin' rassellin' word pictures somewhat opaque, please. I hid the keys to the fabled Tequila Mines of Cuervo under the back door doormat, try not to overwork my poor Mexican miners or they, too, whill be sneakin' cross the border.

On the road, again....

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