Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Incredible Stupidity Of "Our Betters"

 I cannot stop marveling about how all of these "really smart" people are so durned stupid. We have that human(?) gaffe machine, Joe Biden, going around with nothing but babbling idiocy coming out of his pie hole and then all these high priced politicians and journalists, university professors and city folks telling me we should be listening to him about United States firearm policy.

 So, what does "Sheriff Joe" tell a woman about protecting herself? Well, the first thing is that it is incredibly sexist for him to tell her what she needs. Women are not generally too stupid to figure out what works for them." Hello, sweet young thing, you're too silly to know how to aim a rifle so take this shotgun."

 Now it is true that I do not particularly care for the AR-15 platform. I like the .223/5.56mm cartridge but only as a varmint round. That is my personal belief, many people differ. I am not smart enough to know what a complete stranger needs. That's probably why I'm not in politics.

 So, now this paragon of human intelligence tells this stranger to get a shotgun. The truth is, at normal defense distance, a shotgun must be aimed as carefully as a rifle. And, except for the reduced recoil loads it takes a whole lot of seasoning before the averaged-sized women can get aimed repeat shots off quickly from the major bore shotguns. Please note I did not say one couldn't.

 One thing I've noticed in my life is that it is actually easier to get a woman up to a basic level of competence with firearms than it is a man. Other experienced shooters say the same. Theories differ, I believe it is because boys learn how to shoot from those Hollywood idiots. When I was a child it was movies with cowboys holding six shooters with hundred round cylinders and holding full charged black powder .45s so that the recoil from a real round would put that shootin' iron about an inch deep into their foreheads. Along with a lot of other drivel. Today it's more of the same, plus holding the pistol sideways and bullets blowing people 'cross the room, out the window and into parked cars halfway down the block. I'm not persactly sure why little girls don't fall for this, maybe girls really are smarter than boys. Or, maybe women just listen better.

 Anyhow, Sheriff Joe wants a women to go out on the balcony (what if she doesn't have one?) and fire off a couple of blasts. Of course HIS wife can just call the Secret Service. All the other women would have violated the law about firing inside the city limits, plus several other laws, some felonies. Of course Biden's wife, even if he were still a lowly Senator, would probably get off because of the Gregory Rule. And if anyone were injured by one of those projectiles the injured person would be prosecuted for bothering Someone Important. The rest of us would be taken downtown. Assuming, of course, that we survived emptying our gun in the air in face of a threat.

 And, THIS is the fellow we are supposed to listen to?

 And we are supposed to take our tax advice from a clutch of tax cheats. and our economic advice from a President who has no record of ever even running a lemonade stand, much less a business. Unless there is more about that Choom Gang than we have heard.

 We have somehow manged to let a whole lot of very stupid people into positions of power. One thing, the spell checker here says Biden is a mistake. The spell checker is right.


pamibe said...

What really made my head spin is the "just pee on yourself" scenario. If someone wants to do you bodily harm, I don't think some extra fluid would stop them.


Harvey said...

It gets even better. Joe Biden's Field & Stream interview:

“Well, you know, my shotgun will do better for you than your AR-15, because you want to keep someone away from your house, just fire the shotgun through the door.”

Apparently Joe's not familiar with "know your target and what's beyond it".

pamibe said...

Hey, Peter! Just missing you! Hope you and Linda Lou are doing great!

pamibe said...

Happy Birthday, Peter!

Well, Facebook claims it's your birthday, anyway... ;)