Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dear Government

 Well, we had another State of the Union speech tonight, too bad you idiots cannot seem to grasp that there is no way we can keep spending our grandchildren's money. They haven't earned it yet and the debt you are piling on them will keep them from earning it. Oh, and while I'm on the subject of kids and money, you clowns have seen to it that today's college graduates are saddled with so much student loan debt that they cannot work at starting wages.  Do you clowns really think you can live your opulent lifestyles if there is no money? Are you really all that stupid?

 I see that you are still on this "reasonable gun control" kick. Government, you still have yet to explain why it took so long to get to that school in Sandy Hook. If your people are going to fart around so long before going into a school filled with six year old children while some nutcase is shooting them, why should we listen to you?

 Oh, and it seems that this Chris Dorner fellow might be dead in a burned out cabin up in the hills. You government types are claiming that "only the police and military should be equipped with magazines holding more than X number of rounds." Then you hire a nutbag for a cop. He, allegedly, goes on a killing spree after he fails to complete his probationary period. Okay, mistakes happen.

 You hired the wrong guy. It happens and not just in police work. Heck, we have entire government agencies filled with the wrong guys. It happens in private industry, too. And, you did the right thing, you got rid of that wrong guy. It's really rare that the let go guy turns on you, so that's not your fault either. So, let's talk about what is your fault.

 You do not get to have panicky jerks lighting up and wounding two small Hispanic women in the wrong kind of truck when you are looking for one very large African American man. Sorry, that is beyond the pale. Further, you do not get to leave these panicky jerks out in public. What, exactly, would happen to a non police person shooting up two strangers who are not charged with any crime? I do not know about La La Land but out here in Resume Speed, Texas, said panicky jerk would be locked up while the DA's office would be arguing over Ag Assault with a deadly weapon and Attempted Murder. Yet I have read nothing about criminal charges.

 And I have read of yet another truck shot up, this time with no injuries, praise the Lord and no thanks to you government types. Again, no criminal charges. You don't get to do that. Police do not get to shoot up cars and people that only vaguely resemble bad guys, it breaks the contract between citizens and government.

 There is a lot of that going on. And it needs to stop. Our system relies on "the consent of the governed". The last big survey, before your panicky jerks started shooting up people that in no way resembled Chris Dorner, said that some 53% of citizens thought government was endangering their liberty. Wonder what that number is like now?

 Meanwhile, please don't tell us that "only the police and military should have these weapons." Y'all sure don't seem to be able to prove it.

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pamibe said...

"Heck, we have entire government agencies filled with the wrong guys."

Don't we, though? :-)

Government will never learn...