Saturday, February 23, 2013

Recovering, Slowly.

 I really need to write about something else but, truth be told, I'm pretty busy. I got my stitches out the other day and the vascular surgeon took me off that extra blood thinner I was on, thank you, Lord. I kept bleeding in odd places. An itty bitty scratch on my elbow would start itching and I'd scratch it without thinking and the next thing I knew, blood all over everywhere. Blow my nose a little too hard and a red mustache. Anyhow, think I need plenty of red meat for a while.

 One of the nearby stores is having a sale on spare ribs, think I'll buy a big rack and a couple of bottles of brown sugar BBQ sauce. Put it all in the crock pot and hurt myself. After all I ate a salad two years ago. Or was it three?

 I, like most decent human beings, am still in a state of shock over this company selling "desensitizing" targets of pregnant women, old men, mothers with small children. They allege that these are to prevent loss of life, meanwhile every one of these targets are of a person who may well be a legitimate armed citizen, with a legal firearm who might well be using that firearm to protect herself, or himself. For instance, that old man with the double barreled shotgun is depicted in what would probably be his own home. Or is there a sudden rash of septuagenarian home invaders I haven't heard about? Meanwhile the company isn't saying which government agency asked for these targets. Seems they're poking a bear with a short stick.

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pamibe said...

Glad you're recovering well!!! :)