Wednesday, May 23, 2012


 The country is full of ex-cons and I do not mean former conservatives. There are far too many process crimes and men and women like Scooter Libby and Martha Stewart who ended up not guilty of the crime they were suspected of but guilty of misspeaking to a federal investigation.

 There are real criminals out there, though, people like Brett Kimberlin, the Speedway Bomber, convicted of bombing in the Midwest, and the jailbird behind the "I supplied cocaine to Dan Quayle" lie.

 He's still at it, conducting "lawfare" against anyone bringing up his criminal past. I've been too busy the last week or so to pay a lot of attention but, apparently, Stacy McCain, who is The Other McCain of the conservative Blogoshere. For some reason blogger keeps putting www.blogger in front of my lame attempts to create a hyperlink but, heck, if you don't know Robert Stacey McCain, how did you get here.

 Anyhow, Patterico is blogging about this, the Puppyblender is blogging about this and McCain is hiding out.There are about a bazillion conservobloggers mentioning this and now I have too.

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