Friday, May 04, 2012

Dear "Julia"

 "Julia" the only thing I owe you is common courtesy. You are neither my daughter nor my friend. I am not responsible for your life, nor did I marry your mother and take you for a stepdaughter.

 I am somewhat sorry for you, you have been born with a massive debt. You will be shoved into government programs your whole life under the unending Obama regime. What Obama doesn't tell you. "Julia", is that each government program will cost you your freedom, cost you your money and will actually make your life worse. The Headstart Program is nothing more than very expensive daycare and recent studies have shown that the $22,000 dollars per year Headstart will leave you less prepared for school than the eight or nine thousand dollar per year day care.

 The government schools? They will cost far more than private schools and the teachers will be far less capable. Since the Department of Education came up the K-12 schools have become the training ground for losers. There will be a few good teachers among the scads of drones and administrators. The administrators will be doing their best to grind the good teachers down. If you are very lucky you will know how to read at what was once an eighth grade grade level. You will know all about putting a condom on a cucumber, though. I reckon that's something.

 Funny, though. When I was in school we learned how to put on condoms on our own time, at no cost to the government.

 You will now be ready for "college". A BA degree will give you almost as much knowledge as a thirteen year old eighth grade graduate of the Teddy Roosevelt era. Please, Julia, do not major in any of the Angry Studies programs. "Julia" Womyn's Studies will not teach you how to be a woman, only in how to be angry that you are. I started my brief college career when the big fight over the first Angry Studies program was going on. It was Black Studies. I got in trouble, although nothing like I would today, for asking how long this feller would have to study to be black. I then got further marginalized for asking how much someone would pay him to be black with that degree. And would it be more than a black guy with only a high school diploma heavy in shop classes. I got into the last bit of trouble commenting that I served with a lot of black guys in the Service and none of them had gone to collage to learn how to be black yet they were doing just fine at being black. I sat alone at the Student Union cafeteria a lot.

 Welcome to adulthood, "Julia". Good luck in finding a job. A simple fact of life that no one will tell you is that every single government program take money out of the economy that would be used to create jobs. The evil rich do not stuff their money under the mattress, nor is it change between their couch cushions. The rich have bank accounts. Those banks then lend that money to folks starting businesses and buying homes. People work for those businesses and build those homes. The rich buy stock. That stock builds more businesses. The rich pay taxes. Now some of that money taken in taxes provides essential services. Fire Departments and Police Departments, for two. Although police are overburdened with "crimes" that are such only because some politician likes to feel important.

 Anyhow. "Julia" you should be totally on your own now. Too bad you're a helpless ward of the state. Enjoy your life. In the unending Obama Regime that has mapped out your life you will now spend well over forty years working at a government provided job. Now matter how well you work or how well you learn you will never make a dime more than that lout over there who came to work late and half drunk. Sorry "Julia", that's the rules. You will never own your home, "Julia". The Regime only allows it's crony capitalist friends to own home. You will live in a small apartment in a large complex that smells of dirty diapers and boiled cabbage. You will not have a car. You will ride the bus and the subway where feral youths have free reign to mug, assault, rape and murder. Good luck. If you dare arm yourself and actually fight off one of these groups you will be a vigilante, savaged in the press. If you don't fight them off you will be a victim.

 Welcome to Obama's America. Good luck.


pamibe said...

Scathing! I love it!

Harvey said...

Uh oh, the Angry Studies folks will probably target you next: