Monday, May 14, 2012

Obama's War On Black Americans

 Black Americans are about as aware of the war the Obama Administration has declared on them as was the Clinton Admin aware of Osama's war on us.

 In both cases denial has robbed them of a good look at reality. And it's a crying shame.

 Black Americans have been drafted, unbeknownst, as the foot soldiers in the Obama war on dirty colonizing America. And we know what happens to foot soldiers when led by leftists.

 The more I look at what is happening today I see the Obama/Soros Admin throwing a huge fit because Americans are rejecting them. and, like the wife beater whose family finally really tries to leave, grabs a gun and screams, "if I can't have her, no one can!" and tries to kill the family, well, black Americans are that gun.

 If Obama and his master, Soros, cared about black Americans he would have at least tried to pump some of those billions of dollars into jobs for black Americans, instead it was all sluiced into the coffers of already wealthy leftists. Solyndra, anyone? This isn't anything new, either. When Obama was Bill Ayer's lapdog in Chicago they ruled the Annenberg Challenge, a billion dollars to improve Chicago's disastrous public schools. The lion's share of that billion went to wealthy leftist academics. The schools did not improve, they got worse because of lefty programs instead of enforcing behavior that allowed students to learn.

 How about those low income housing projects championed by then State Senator Obama? the ones closed due to being substandard and unfit for habitation. Yet an already wealthy Obama supporter got even richer.

 Now I have no complaints about folks making money. If I'd have had the sense to make better choices I wouldn't be poor today. No, my complaint is that these crony capitalists have not earned money by providing a good or service for which people voluntarily pay , instead they bought a lapdog politician.

 The real tragedy for black Americans is that the Obama regime is priming them for violent unrest during the election season. He is hoping that violent unrest will scare the voters into keeping him on. He has nothing else to offer. Jobs for black Americans? No, that money went to his masters. In the antebellum south polite people called men like Obama house negros. Most folks back then used a different word. Still, the situation was the same. Use the house negros for personal gain and for their slightly improved conditions the house negros would spy and sell out the rest of the slaves. And sold out they have been. Come election season if there is violence it will drive race relations even further back. And the violence will be in the Democrat strongholds, again. The difference this time is that after the violence there will be no money left to try to rebuild, it all went to Obama's white masters.

 There is a political movement that would allow black Americans to advance. It's not that individualism cares any more for blacks than for anyone else, it just gives everyone a chance to excel. I have lived with and worked with enough black people to know that they can, it's just that they cannot with the whole Democrat Party standing on their backs.

 There are enough black Americans living in suburban Republican areas to show us which areas allow black Americans to thrive. Hint. It ain't the Democrat areas.

 I hope this makes a little sense. I have been thinking on this since Eric "my people" Holder's "Justice Dept" dropped a winning case against the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation. The "knockout game" played by feral "youths" has made me think more and the Trayvon Martin thing has added to it. Race relations are not my thing, really. I don't like white people anymore than I like anyone else and I don't hardly like anyone very much. I'm more comfortable with my books, my shootin' irons and my dogs, to tell the truth. Still, my grandchildren will be living in the country long after I'm gone. I'd really like them to live in a country that isn't divided up into warring tribes. I'd like them to live in a country where entire city centers are not burned out shells. And we ain't getting there with the still segregationist Democrats leading us.

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pamibe said...

I've never seen it stated better or more simply - anyone could understand this... not that they'd want to...!