Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Elections, Near And Far

 So, in West Virginia an inmate in the Federal Lockup got some 40% of the vote vs. Obama's 60%. Seem that the inmate drew most of his votes in the coal country. Obamanites claim RAAAAACSM!!!!!!!!111!!!!!

 It couldn't possibly be that the folks in the coal country know when their jobs are being savaged, no, it's got to be RAAAAACSM!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!!!

 Richard Lugar is being sent home, if he has a home anywhere but inside the Beltway. Anyhow, he's being moved from an office in the Senate. This makes it easier to vote for Romney. The more solid conservatives in both houses of Congress, the harder it will be for a President Romney to ease left. This, BTW, is why I'm supporting Ted Cruz for the Senate seat from here in Texas. Well, that and Dewhurst didn't have the courage to go to the debates. I dunno, I might have been willing to support Dewhurst but this cowardice is a deal breaker.  If I wanted to vote for someone without the courage to articulate his beliefs I'd be voting in the other primary.

 Same Sex marriage went to a crashing defeat in North Carolina. I guess Teh Gheys are now going to insult NASCAR. Oh, wait. Despite having a boy and daughter in law, plus a bunch of grandkids there I know nothing about the rest of that primary.

 France voted to jump off the cliff, as did Greece. The nice thing about Greece is that they have been unable to form a government. If they can be kept from forming a government for, oh, I don't know, the next ten years, folks over there might  learn to take care of themselves again. I'm not a big fan of anarchy but Neo-Nazis?

 Meanwhile Obama is trying to end unemployment by building the largest paid campaign staff in US history. Of course this means his campaign managers will be busy managing staff instead of the campaign which is how we get these bright ideas like hashtag askmichelle.  And Forward! Over the cliff! Remember, Obama is smart!

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pamibe said...

Rec'd in email this a.m. from P in NC:

"Signs of encouragement - in yesterday's primary Obama was of course unopposed. The last time I checked results somewhere after 10pm at least 20% of Dem voters in NC voted against him."

There is hope... for change.