Thursday, October 20, 2011

This Is Really Strange

 I find it very odd. One of the Occupy Whatever Street groups has issued a pamphlet about "What to do if you're raped." I find it very strange that if one build a movement out of demanding money that one has not earned, from those who have earned it, that you do not get the pillars of society. One would think that only high minded dogooders would form in these camps.

 I do not recall any of the TEA Party events having to put out such pamphlets. Could it be that there is a fundamental difference in the mindset? On the one hand we have the "Give me theirs!" On the other hand the "Leave me alone!" Could there possibly be a difference in the type of people who show up?

 Seems that theft is rampant, too. How could this be?

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pamibe said...

Oh, sweet mystery of life. ;)

There's evidently a fundamental difference between occupiers and tea partiers...