Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I'm over on The Puppyblender's site, as usual, and the first thing up is Patterico E-interviewing some young lady (?) about a twitter post to Andrew Brietbart "please die". To save some time I'll merely note that this woman would not know Brietbart if he walked up to her and offered her a job.

I wonder if this person would be so cavalier on wishing death to strangers if he had any idea of what death is. I'm willing to bet that she has never witnessed a death.

Speaking of death, how about our beloved SecState's comment about Gadaffi? We came, we saw, he died. How witty. I hold no brief for Qaddafi, the man of a million spellings but it was my impression that we were not at war with Libya. I could be wrong there, our Nobel Peace Prize Winner in Chief sure has got us in a lot of fights.

Seems that he's sending a batch of our special ops types into Uganda. Wasn't Senator Obama against sending our troops anywhere where there was not a direct American interest? Didn't he also demand Congressional approval for such adventures?

Seems as if we're pulling our troops out of Iraq, leaving some very expensive bases behind. Our crack diplomats were unable to arrange the proper status for our troops and so we're going away leaving something like a Corporal's Guard behind to train troops whom we have no particular reason to trust. Meanwhile the Kurds of Iraq are left with a Democrat politician's promise for protection.

This gives me a warm feeling. Meanwhile, on the other side of Iran, Karzi, in Afghanistan is siding with Pakistan over the USA in a beef between the two. I'm curious. Is this the smart diplomacy I read we'd have now that the cowboy Bush was gone?

 Speaking of cowboys, or as they were then known, cow-boys, today, October 26th is the anniversary of the gunfight in the vacant lot outside Fly's Photography Studio and boardinghouse, also known as the Gunfight at the OK Corral. It was 1881.

the gunfight involved ill feelings as well as politics. The Earp faction were Republican and the Clanton faction, Democrats. The law in the city of Tombstone was Republican, the county was Democrat. Wyatt was trying to unseat the Sheriff and stood a pretty fair chance. That thirty seconds of gunplay started events into motion that ended the Earp's chance at major power in the southeast corner of Arizona.

 A hundred and thirty years later there is more unrest, with threats of political violence getting louder and louder.

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pamibe said...

There's a lot of that 'please die' stuff going around; saw a post on a message board that someone 'needs to kill Sarah Palin'. Also a person wholly unknown to the deranged writer.

I don't understand that.

On the other hand, our administration seems to love violence here at home and they stir the pot as often as possible. Isn't that one of Alinsky's rules for radicals?