Sunday, October 09, 2011

Dear Pastor Jeffries:

 There are a lot of folks who seem to have trouble believing that Mormons are really part of the human race. Well, it's also fashionable to rag on J. Edgar Hoover, now that he's safely dead. Hoover took special care to fill the FBI with Irish Catholics and Mormons, because each of those groups had a tendency to hate Nazis and Communists.

 There is this Pastor in Dallas who says that Mormons are a cult. Of course there are still a few pastors who call Catholicism The Church of Rome, too. It would be nice if bigots like Jefferies would keep their mouths shut. Of course there are a lot of folks who call Mormonism a cult.

 I have my differences with Romney and will not vote for him in the Primary. If, however, he gets the nomination I shall hold my nose, hard, and vote for him. Anyone short of the ghost of Stalin would be an improvement over the Bozo/Biden outfit.

 I cheerfully admit that I don't know a whole lot about the Mormon's religious doctrine, not being a Mormon I don't figure I need to. I figure that if a Mormon is a good human being it's enough for me. And if he's a revolving SOB as a Mormon he's probably be one if he were a Babatist.  As a matter of fact Pastor Jefferies, you might do better worrying about the SOBs in your own congregation, I'm sure you can find some. And, please, Rick Perry is having enough trouble in this race, he doesn't need your "help".


pamibe said...

I agree. Of course. ;)

Mrs. Who said...

If the only way you can prove your religion is 'right' is to knock's not much of a religion.