Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dear Mitt

 Dear Mitt:

 You are not going to be President. It's not your religion. It's your policies and your track record. I know that you are an establishment Republican and that you and the rest of the establishment Republicans believe it's your turn. Trouble is, Mitt, the voters do not believe in the "your turn" system.In 1976 the establishment Republicans thought it was Jerry Ford's turn. We got Carter. In '80 that upstart Reagan turn over your applecart and spoiled George H. W. Bush's turn, although he slipped in over a very weak Donk, Dukakis. Dukakis did, however, prevent a possible President Biden. Still, GHWB is the only Republican President of my lifetime to win a term because it was "his turn. In 1960 Nixon lost. His political future was declared dead after losing the governor's race in California in '62.

 Mitt, you will probably win the nomination. You have a long time staff and tons of money. This counts in the early primaries. Also the Donks have no viable opposition to Obama getting the nomination so they will be voting for you in our primaries because they know they will beat you in the general election.

 Here is why they know they will beat you, Mitt. The ordinary Republican voter doesn't like you. We don't like Romneycare, we don't like the fact that your aides went to Washington to confer with the developers of Obamacare. We don't like the way your positions change with the audience.

 Mitt, the ordinary Republican voter will vote for you in the General, once you win the nomination. The ordinary Republican voter will not man phone banks for you. We will not go knock on doors. There won't be as many yard signs. Few of us will be driving voters to the polls.

 Mitt, you are the only reason Obama can win another term. You have the MSM on your side now while they slander the other candidates. You think they are your friends. So did McCain, the last Republican whose turn it was. Mitt, you only think you are seeing vitriol against your opposition in the primary season. It's nothing like you will see in the general. Go home, Mitt. The base simply will not put out the work we will need to unseat this disaster of a President. Maybe it's not fair, Mitt. Unfortunately "your turn" won't work.

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pamibe said...

It's not fair to him and it's darn sure not fair to us.

I wish he'd quit.

And if wishes were horses, beggars would ride...