Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trying To Figure If Anybody In This Administration Knows What (S)He Is Doing.

On some levels it's a shame that I am not hep to popular culture. There seems to be some group out there doing something or other called Insane Clown Posse. At least I see that name as an aside in various stories. It would seem a good title for this Presidential and Congressional Administration.

The first thing I heard today when I started paying attention to world events, after local things like dog food, laundry, breakfast, etc, is that General McC is in trouble for some comments to a reporter from Rolling Stone. Pardon me for bein' a pore ignorant redneck but with a war to run, how come this guys has anything to say to a reporter from Rolling Stone but something along the line of "go cover rock and roll, I'm trying to run a war on the cheap".

Someone please explain to me how, in the midst of a shooting war, the top General has time to say anything but "talk to my PIO."

There is a big problem in Afghanistan and Iraq, it's not really with the military. It is with all these civilian agencies. Just as in Iraq, the State Department is failing it's job. USAID is failing it's job. The Peace Corps is failing it's job. So the Army, Marines, Air Force and even the Navy are trying to do what all the civilian agencies will not do.

Meanwhile that peabrain Gibbs is talking about McC and company being immature? The spokesman for an Administration that chose Joe Biden as number two? This Administration is the only outfit in the entire universe that would be improved by promoting Joe Biden.

It's funny, what the Puppyblender noticed, when it's a Republican Admin, like Shineski and Bush and Rummy, it was all "listen to your Generals!" Now, during a Democrat Admin it's "civilian control of the military!"

It is a clear sign that the government is clueless when we have the Navy serving in Afghanistan, take a look at a map. no ocean. For that matter, not much in the way of any water. This part is not the Administration, this has been going on since the beginning of the war. I could understand borrowing some Spec Ops SEALs in '01 and '02, along with some Seabees for the first year or so but, after that? Nah. When I'm king of the world the Navy will concentrate on that part of the map what is blue.

I saw a short piece in last nights Overnight Open Thread at Ace of Spades about how they want to change the roles of the Marines for they haven't done any over the beach landings since WW2. I wonder what those things were in February and May of 1965 in Viet Nam? Or that thing in Somalia? Or, for that matter, in the Dominican Republic during the Johnson Admin?

Anyhow, I'm working on a couple of pieces on some more rifle cartridges, the 7-08 and .260 Remington, as well as that famous old dual purpose cartridge the .32 WCF aka .32-20. I dunno which will come first.

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