Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ming July 25, 1987-June 20, 2010

Ming went to the bridge today. When she woke up with her Mama I took her outside and she could not even pee. I brought her in and she couldn't drink water or eat her pill wrapped in her beloved liverwurst. So Linda Lou held her and loved on her one more time while I prepared her way. Then her pain was over.

We didn't get her until she was eight years old, her teeth were poor, we think from a diet of canned food. She never did learn to like any man but me, the people at Pug Rescue weren't sure she'd take to me but she climbed right up into our laps.

We do not know what kind of life she had before us but once she was home with us she was a happy dog, for a grumpy old lady. She was a good girl and she loved her mama.

Update: Linda Lou didn't like the first pictures and so erased them and picked out these. In doing so she erased the text, so I rewrote it. No big harm there I reckon.

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