Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Stupid Phone Lines, Part 852

Friday night we started getting cut off the Internet, sure enough it was staticky telephone lines. There are only a couple of drawbacks to living out where we can't hear the neighbor's stereo, one is few choices in internet connections. There is still no DSL service, nor a cable TV and Internet setup. Nor are there many choices of dialup, for that matter. There is supposed to be one fast wireless setup that might, repeat, might reach us, it's over a hundred smackers per month, plus Lord only knows how much to set up. So, we have the choice between AT&T and aol dialup. Every year since we moved out her in '98 the phone company has promised, next year you'll get DSL. Yeah, and next year in Jerusalem, too.

Well, anyhow, when there is static on the line we gots no Intertoobz. Ad the nearest supermarket is still 9.6 miles off. Grump. So, I missed a D Day post, among other things, plus I don't much know if anything important happened over the past few days. I did drive in to pick up a couple of refills on my prescriptions and saw no dancing in the roads so, it seems, the Pencil Neck in Chief is still in power. Grump.

Linda Lou is now allowed to put weight, as tolerated, on her leg, still on the walker, though. The nurse and the physical terrorist that come out here both say she should be able to send the wheelchair back to the rental place after she sees the Doc next. We did a little experiment her last visit to our family practice doc, we left the wheelchair here and just took her walker. It worked. Good thing, taking that wheelchair in and out of the van was wearing me out.

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