Friday, October 16, 2009

Rush And Alleged Racism

I haven't commented on the attack on Rush Limbaugh that's been in the news lately because, frankly, I've been too angry. I started listening to Rush back before the '92 elections, I'm not exactly sure when. I do know that he had his TV show on, then and, since I didn't know who he was, I thought he was a televangelist. He was on the same station as many televangelists were and, like some, his program was repeated a couple of times every day. Then I happened to catch him in the car one day and I started listening to him every chance I got, then, every day for like twenty years. I don't listen every day anymore, my hearing has got so bad that when I try to listen to him it drives Linda Lou bonkers. And folks in Palestine call on the phone and say it's too loud. No, Palestine, right over there in east Texas.

Anyway, in somewhat over twenty years I never once heard Mr. Limbaugh utter a racist statement. Of course he didn't, he's a conservative. Something I never have understood is how the left, who attack any minority or women who strays from their plantation, manage to so often succeed in painting the right as racists. Leftists have to be racists, they do not look at people as individuals, they look at people as group members. Once a leftist assigns a person to a group if that person strays from that group it is officially a Bad Thing. Nor is a person allowed to choose his or her own group.

We saw that with Michael Steele in those blackface cartoons, from leftists and not a word said. We saw that with the appalling treatment of Sarah Palin while Biden went stumbling around making one idiot statement after the other. Palin is so dumb she didn't even have the sense to say, like Biden did, Three letters, jobs. Then he spelled it J-O-B-S. Biden is smart, though and Palin stupid. Oh, and Palin, married to a native American is a raaaaacist, just like Limbaugh. How do we know this? The leftists tell us so.

Kind of like when the SEIU beat up the black guy they were standing strong against raaaaacists, just ask them. Somebody please let me know when I can finally start shooting at them. Lying sacks of dung, the whole crowd. Inventing quotes, knowing they are lies, and, I suppose, laughing in private. I used to just think leftists were wrong. Now I actively dislike them and call them things I do not want my grandchildren to hear.

I hope Limbaugh starts suing the lot of them. I don't know whether he'd win but it sure would be nice to see some of them paying thousands and thousands to lawyers. Kind of like why Palin had to resign. None of those "ethics" complaints stood, each had to be defended. And, unfortunately "are you out of your mind?" is not a valid defense. although it should be.

It sure would a nicer world if Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton could be slapped across the face with a glove and told "pistols at dawn, sir".

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