Friday, July 17, 2009

So What IS Adsense?

The super duper home handyman struck again, I got the other piece of plywood in the too-big for the air conditioner window and got the silicon in with only a hundredth of the hoo-raw the other piece needed. That's something.

I'm looking at this Adsense widget, wondering if it would be useful here. Now I have no plans of getting rich with that mad blog money but it would be nice to drop a few nickles into the collection plates of folks like Michael Yon who are doing the job the mainstream media should be doing.

Speaking of the media, how many men and women have cycled through one or more combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan? Hundreds of thousands, right? My word, they had all kinds of folks who were neither Infantry, Armor or Cavalry running around on patrol. Cindy Whatshername's son was a mechanic.

So why on the news programs we have retired Colonels and Generals that haven't heard a shot fired since they were O-2s and O-3s in wars far different that what we are in now? I mean I have a bunch of experience and even some small expertise in some small piece of a war forty-some years ago. So I should get up and pontificate on a war I cannot imagine. In my war an infantryman got off the bird with, at the most, forty kilos of weapons and gear. I read Micheal Yon's piece yesterday or the day before where infantrymen were climbing off the birds with hundred pound rucks. Meanwhile they were up in altitudes higher than the dive bombers and torpedo planes of WW2 flew.

I can't picture it in my head, I doubt these retired Generals and Admirals can, either. No wonder Americans don't know what's going on.

Back to Adsense, though, from what I read they pick ads for a blog out of the contents of the post. So, what would the ads be here, since I pretty much type whatever comes into my head.

The Apollo shot that first reached the moon is in the news, it was forty years ago. It's funny, this computer as far more computing power than those space capsules did. I'm not really sure it doesn't have more computing power than the launch center did. I wish we were spending the money on exploring the moon and beyond that we're wasting on gasohol, green energy and this glow bull warming nonsense. Think of the minerals we could mine in the asteroids! For that matter, if we really put our minds to it, how long would it take to learn to beam energy down from space?

Oh, Walter Cronkite finally died.Justice works slowly but eventually everyone gets to meet his maker. A whole lot of eighteen, nineteen and twenty year olds who never saw twenty-one are smiling now, wherever they are, one of the men who made their sacrifice useless, the multiple hundred thousand Vietnamese who died, and the two million Cambodians all get to ask "it's a little warm, isn't it Walter?"

In case you are wondering, no I haven't forgiven any of those SOBs that turned the Tet Battle, where we eliminated the Viet Cong and wiped out more than a few NVA units into a defeat. I have also disliked Democrats since then. The Democrats are still in the same MO as back then, too. Notice how many Democrats voted "yes" on the use of force bill on Iraq, then about three days after our tanks rolled into Bahgdad those same Democrats started with the Bush lied business.

Modern Democrats love to start or help start wars and then make sure we don't win. Just dial your history book back to 1965 for my war or to 1998 for this one. Pay special attention to around when Clinton was being impeached.

Viet Nam was also when I learned to hate reporters. Reporters all hung out at the big hotels in Saigon and Danang and would chopper out to where the fight had just ended, sometime landing before we had all of the bodies dealt with, including any of our own. When they got there we'd have to watch over them to keep them from getting hurt. While watching to see if any of the dead little people were faking or, perhaps, had large amounts of explosives ready to send us home in the cargo bay.

Reporters always talked to each other like we weren't there, to. Their favorite thing was complaining that going after the "bang bang shots" was keeping them from discussing What It All Means. It was really fun to hear, especially if one still had his bud's blood spattered all over.

Anyway, burn forever, Walter. I'll try, someday, to learn forgiveness.

So, what kind of ad would Adsense put here?

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