Monday, July 27, 2009

Professor Gates, Race Warlord Poverty Pimp

So the saga of Sergeant Crowley versus the Race Warlord Poverty Pimps continues.

The funny thing is, the average street cop spends far more time in close and friendly contact with people of other races than does the average university professor. Look at the makeup of the university faculties, then look at the average police department.

Most departments use two man patrol cars. This is in part for officer safety and in part because a one man car has a driver who is primarily concerned with driving. A two man car, one officer is free to look into alleys and doorways. A whole lot of criminals are caught because a bluesuit actually sees them doing wrong.
Now, modern police depts. being what they are, an officer stands a really good chance of spending more time cooped up in the front seats of that car with his partner than he spends with his wife and kids. Assuming, of course that he still has his wife and kids, policing is hard on families. But, I digress.

Even the officer working single-o spends a lot of time with others, notice that Sgt Crowley was in a single car but at least one of the other officers there was black.

It's well known that cops socialize with other cops. Police haters use this as proof that cops are bad, but who do university professors socialize with? The person guessing university types wins a ride on the cement bicycle! Yes and reporters socialize with reporters, etc.

Now then, it stands to reason that officers today are a heck of a lot more used to diversity than professors or politicians. The talk about diversity, modern LEOs live it.

I contend that it is the Gates and the Obamas that hurt the black community far more than the police do. It is the Obamas and Gates that made the inner cities the way they are, not the Crowleys. Who supports the way the welfare laws make the black man only useful for starting pregnacies? Why do the laws make a father helping to raise his children outmoded? Is it the Sgt. Crowleys of the world promoting the "music" calling women bitches and Ho's? Is it the Sgt. Crowleys who make it almost impossible to run a business in the inner cities? Meaning there are no jobs, even for those who want to work?

Who, exactly is responsible for the conditions in the black communities? Is Sgt. Crowley the father of all those black kids being raised in single parent homes? Who is it telling so many kids that it's the right thing to do to kill someone for wearing the wrong color? It isn't cops beating old people in the streets for almost no money. It isn't cops raping and murdering. The bad news is that it is cops being screamed at for trying to stop it. It is too many being killed, trying to save black people from each other.

Sorry, that's the Obamas and Gates of the world. It is not just the increased danger that makes many, perhaps most, street cop dislike working in minority neighborhoods. This house, of course, was not in a minority neighborhood but the attitude is. Crowley shows up trying to protect the life and property of whoever lived there. Does he hear "thank God you're here"? Does he hear, "sure, I'll prove I live here, thanks for protecting me and my property?"

Yes, proving you have a right to be someplace you belong can be a pain. It's not near the pain of having a home invasion and being tortured and killed. It's not even near the pain of having to replace half of your belongings while your homeowner's insurance (if you even have any) gives you maybe half of what the replacement cost is.

I submit that the Sgt. Crowleys of the world have done far more for the poor blacks of this country that the Gates and the Obamas. The Gates only teach wealthy young people how bad they have it. Meanwhile we know what Obama has done for the poor, made it possible for his pal Rezko, the felon, to put up those slums. Naturally, Obama's pal Rezko the felon did this with taxpayer money. Money that was then unable to really help the poor.

This is the real crime. Race warlord poverty pimps like Gates and Obama have never done, nor will they ever do, anything for the poor. They don't care about the poor, they care about being hee-rows of the downtrodden. In today's strange world it is not necessary to do anything for the poor to be a hee-row to the downtrodden. What a country.

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