Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ming The Merciless Turns Twelve!

Today was Ming The Merciless' 12th birthday. She is getting to be an old girl. In honor of her birthday I made a batch of bacon-cheese corn muffins. As usual they were a hit. Speaking of hits, I got up today to find a strawberry pie that Linda Lou cooked for me. Well, if cooked is the word. She did open the can of Lucky Leaf Pie Filling and pour it into the store-bought pie shell. I'd better not sound like I'm complaining, though, not if I ever want anything else baked.

So, anyway the dogs always love them some bacon-cheese corn muffins and, since the Pugs are just little guys, I gave two to Miss Priss and one to each of the Pugs, I have two left for my breakfast.

Speaking of the dogs, I hope that CAP and Ming finish shedding before December.

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