Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Presidents Reid And Pelosi

Has any President in history been on television as much as this clown is? I mean besides Joe Biden's President Roosevelt getting on TV at the very beginning of the Great Depression in 1929? Has any President in history talked more while saying less than this guy we have now?

The more I see him the more I believe he doesn't really care about actually being President, he cares about everyone seeing him as President. So far it's been six months of "look at me! I'm President! While all the work is shifted to Pelosi and Reid. This might not be such a bad deal except for Pelosi and Reid being just about as bad as Obama's dreams from his father.

Now Obama has shown no leadership whatever on his so-important "health care" initiative. All he's managed to do is meet with the CBO people who said his health care plan wouldn't save a nickel, would instead cost more. You really have to feel sorry for those poor law students that studied under this guy. The President should not be fooling with employees of Congress. Naturally, Pelosi and Reid don't care, now if it had been Bush...

One would think this great Constitutional scholar would be able to tell the difference between the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch. One would be wrong. There is a lot I don't understand about this man, starting with why so many people think he's smart. My next question is who has been propping him up all these years. How did he go to Pakistan? Who paid for the trip? Who paid for his education? Who kept his grades secret? How did he manage to edit the Harvard Law Review without publishing anything? Why do so many allegedly smart people swoon over this guy who can't even hold a press conference without a telepromter?

It sure would be nice if some of the big media outlets could spare some reporters from the all important job of digging through the Palin family's garbage and trying to stare up Sarah's vagina to try to answer some of these questions. Especially that question about Pakistan. At the time US citizens weren't supposed to go to Pakistan, so how did he manage? He stated that he couldn't afford a cab in New York, who paid for the trip?

Tell you what, if the name were Cheney, there'd be dozens of reporters on that story. Tell you something else. The war on terror is winding down. The war on middle America is heating up.

While I am still allowed to blog, I'm having an amazing time with my blogroll. I put Great Satan's Girlfriend in, it's an illustrated guide to the GWOT. Well, it just flat won't come up. So I also put Insert Clever S.Logan in. So, I click on Suzanne Logan's site and up pops this page saying that the page on Great Satan's Girlfriend can't be shown or some such nonsense. But it also has the name of the site underlined in that internetty way, click there and go right to GSGF. But not Suzanne's site. For that I must go to Stacy McCain's site and use his blogroll. And people wonder why I still use the ugly words.

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