Friday, May 01, 2009

So Who Isn't A War Criminal?

So now Harry Truman is a war criminal, or maybe he isn't. Is Jon Stewart's clown nose on or off?

I'm really getting tired of this war criminal crap. We are not at war with anyone who has signed or obeys the Hague or Geneva Conventions. Therefore there are no war crimes.

If this Spanish Judge is so concerned about non Spaniards and their alleged war crimes why isn't he bleating about the North Vietnamese? Or the Sudan?Or Rwanda? I can name probably fifty places worse than Gitmo and not a peep from this clown. I wonder why.

Let's face it, everyone who has ever fought in combat could be considered guilty of a war crime if the rules are stretched enough. Pretty much every infantryman I've ever known has put an insurance shot into a downed bad guy when things were sticky. Too many of them have lain on grenades with pulled pins and only the spring loaded spoon preventing a loud noise. The brass and the remfs always wanted prisoners, infantrymen wanted to go home riding in the passenger seats and not in an aluminum box. Guess who won that argument.

So, is the insurance shot a war crime? Sure is. And infantrymen will stop using them just as soon as they sit in comfortable offices while lawyers and politicians carry rifles and rucks. Except, in this particular fight, the insurance shot is no crime. Remember, if the bad guy isn't in uniform, no rights. Read the Conventions.

Here is what I don't understand. Obama is a lawyer. Holder is a lawyer. I'm assuming that even that Spanish Judge is a lawyer. Now I'm not a lawyer. After all, a man has to have some standards. But way back in the mid sixties I had to read the rules. If A poor dumb ex-enlisted man can read the rules, why can't these stinking lawyers read the rules? Why can't the journalists read the rules?

Lawyers, judges and journalists often tend to look down their noses at ordinary folks. Shouldn't they be embarrassed that ordinary people know the rules better than they do? The rules are pretty simple. Hide among civilians, no rights except a last cigarette and a stout wall. No uniform? The right to that stout wall.

Now those are the rules. What about torture? One of the definitions of torture is that the action must be something that causes permanent damage. John McCain can't lift his arms over his head due to the torture from the North Viets. So, how is this bunch in Spain? What is their range of motion?

Obama and Holder have rules they are supposed to obey. One of the most important is that they don't let dangerous graduates of terror training camps loose in America. Yet that's what they are trying to do. Bet that Spanish Judge clown won't try to indict them, either.

Even though the rules for war crimes are written down, to the left being a Republican is all the evidence they need to make the accusation.

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