Monday, May 11, 2009

Exactly What World Does David Brooks Inhabit?

So first I saw what Victor Davis Hanson said about what David Brooks thought about Republicans and John Ford Westerns, it got me curious enough to actually click over and read what Brooks had to say.

Apparently he thinks Republicans don't care about a civil society. This must be because Brooks is a an ivy league "educated" cretin. Brooks says people vote Democrat because they crave order. Um, David, have you looked out the windows as you rode through your beloved Democrat run cities?

It's a pretty good bet that the worse the civic order conditions, the more powerful the Democrat influence. Funny, the places where even police won't go except in groups, that is where the vote is about 100 percent Democrat. But Republican don't care about an orderly society.

I am reminded of how the Democrats used the James Byrd murder aftermath. After Bush's Texas has sentenced two of the murderers to death and the one that rolled and turned state's evidence to life without parole, Democrats said that this just proved the need for hate crimes legislation. Right. With hate crimes legislation the peckerwood that rolled over would get TWO life sentences without parole, right? And the others? Maybe the Democrats would not try to get rid of their death sentences. Oh, I know, they'd still try to do away with the death sentence but would blame the Republicans.

Anyhow, all I know is anyone who decides to vote Democrat because they are interested in civic order is as stupid as those rich folks who voted for Obama believing that he'd go after rich Republicans but leave them alone.

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